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The Farm July 31, 2012

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20170706_164228.jpg20170706_164312_001.jpg20170706_165152.jpg20170706_164543.jpg20170706_165355_001.jpg20170807_202851.jpg20170807_201834.jpgJulia and Javier live in Arroyo Grande right on the farm that Javier grows all the produce that is put into Julia’s juice combinations. Javier and Rogelio work hard to rotate 20 acres without the use of pesticide or fertilizer. Javier creates his own emulsion of raw garlic, peppermint oil and chili that he uses to treat some of the veggies and some of the trees with. The farm is not certified organic but organic methods are practiced.
The Veggies
Red and golden beets, carrots, turnips, radishes, red Russian, supreme and dino kale, spinach, cilantro, parsley, spring lettuce, raw garlic, peas, tomatoes and so much more is grown on this cute little farm!
Check out what’s going on, on the farm!
A 1/2 acre planted and growing!
Check out the tomatoes ripening on the vine!!
Beautiful navel oranges.
Stalks of corn, blowing magically in the wind!
Grant Ojeda making his round on the tractor, feeding the cows!


2 Responses to “The Farm”

  1. Susan Says:

    Congratulations, Julia– you look like a passionate and dedicated entrepreneur– good for you!

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