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Julia’s Juices July 31, 2012

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When you come out to farmer’s market you will find Julia, Javier or Jessica behind the stand with our large selection of juice combinations! Julia’s Juice combinations embody the Central Coast, by using seasonal fruit that is grown throughout the area and by using an array of flavor combinations, we offer a truly unique selection of juices. We are always looking out for fruit that is coming into season and testing out different combinations, so come by the stand and try a sample of our amazing juices! Check out our Farmer’s Market schedule that is posted in the about section and please check out our Facebook for daily locations and menus! http://www.facebook.com/


10 Responses to “Julia’s Juices”

  1. Sam Peck Says:

    Congratulations Julia!! These are the freshest, most creative and healthful juices on the Central Coast.

  2. Tom Hahn Says:

    These juices are the freshest I have ever had up here on the Central Coast, and the most creative. Congratulations to Julia and her husband for makes us healthier.

    • juliasjuices Says:

      Thank you so much we work really to make sure that all the juices are as fresh as possible and are always trying new flavor combinations that will please our fans!! =]

    • juliasjuices Says:

      I am very interested in helping out with your auction, what will I have to do? Am I to provide jarred juice that can be held up for auction? My business is just that, to bring wellness to others, my family and my customers have all become healthier and more health conscious due to the juices that I make. Knowing that you are doing good for yourself makes you want to make good healthy choices for the rest of the day! And I pride myself on being a sustainable business, we live on the farm, my husband grows all our veggies and any discards are fed to my goats and chickens! I am all for this please contact me on what I will need to do to help out.

  3. joel the juicer Says:

    I was wondering if your juice is organic and when the last time your soil was tested for chemicals?

    • juliasjuices Says:

      No the juice is not organic nor is our farm. We farm on someone else’s property and the owner is very strict about treating the soil with anything and we currently farm without ANY form of pesticide OR fertilizer. Javier makes his own emulsion with raw garlic, peppermint oil and chili, that he uses to treat the trees and some of the veggies. 15 years ago Bautista Farms was growing on the land before they moved onto their own land right next door. Grant, the owner, used the land after that to raise cattle and the soil is very rich. It has not been tested for chemicals because we know the land’s history and don’t feel the need to do so. We also like to support other farmers and supplement with pesticide free produce when we are in need of something. The apples we use from the market come from two suppliers, See Canyon Apples that are pesticide free and the bulk of our apples ARE certified organic from Fair Hills Farms in Paso Robles. We get all of our oranges pesticide free from L&C Smiths Groves and we do have to store buy papaya and pineapple for some of our juices. So I hope that answers your questions and I hope to see you at the stand when you need a juice!

  4. ashley Says:

    Julia is super friendly and has THE BEST recipes. It is always a treat:)

  5. Katrina Says:

    Julia is so sweet and I loved hearing the story behind her starting up this business when I first tried Gingy Beet at the SLO farmer’s market! Unfortunately I don’t live on the central coast anymore and I’m craving some Gingy Beet!! Please Julia let me know if there is any way I can possibly order some juice?!

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