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Contact July 31, 2012

You can contact us either by phone or e-mail with any comments, questions or concerns! Feedback is always greatly appreciated, we want to know what more we can do to please everyone that comes by the stand!

E-mail: juliasjuices@gmail.com
Phone: (805)4814100


9 Responses to “Contact”

  1. gail comer Says:

    Hello Julia,
    I met you at the Los Osos farmers market. My name is Gail Comer. I am a volunteer with Central Coast Bioneers. We would like to invite you to participate in bringing to our community a leading-edge forum where you can see tomorrow today: a future environment of hope. Bioneers is an innovator whose key purpose is to serve human ends without harming the web of life.

    This three day conference (Oct. 19-21) is in it’s third year locally. Bringing our community a chance to leave a legacy for our future generations and gaining the understanding of how we might create change. This is the link to the conference site http://www.centralcostbioneers.org.

    We come to you today to encourage you to participate by attending the conference and donating toward our “first-time” silent auction. The funds raised will help ensure the continuation of bringing the conference to our community and provide scholarships and internships (this year 53 scholarships were awarded) that further the education and inovation of ideas.

    Your donation for the silent auction is a gift that can help the future of green ideas within our community and in return promote your business locally. We will list your business on our web page, as gratitude for your support. Please, contact me if you have any questions or would like to donate to the silent auction.

    Gail Comer
    volunteer CC Bioneers

  2. Rena Says:

    Hi Julia,

    I am contacting you to see if you would be interested in possibly having a booth at a new farmers’ market being planned for Oceano. The market will be Sunday noon to 4 in the summer months, witht the eventual goal of a year round market. Please let me know if you are interested. Feel free to pass this info on to any local farmers/producers you know who might be interested as well. Have a great day!

  3. Susan Says:

    Hi, Julia… I left you a message today about the Holistic Health Faire in October… please give me a call! Thanks!

  4. rootamental Says:

    Hi Julia,
    We (http://eatslo.net) are wondering if you are preparing your juices with Sustainable, Local, Organic ingredients? If so we would love to add you to our Eat SLO network.
    Eat SLO is a (Sustainable, Local, Organic) food network system with the crucial entities (growers, suppliers, providers, preparers, and consumers) linked into a whole food eating web.

    • juliasjuices Says:

      Hi to all at Eat SLO! If you take a look at the website you will see that we explain exactly what we put into to our fresh cold pressed juices. We offer pictures of the farm that we live on which is where we are growing most of the produce for the juices, so our produce is definitely local and sustainable, we are not certified organic but we practice organic methods on the farm. From composting the fibers leftover from the juice, to feeding the cows the pressed pineapple pieces, to not using any type of pesticide or fertilizer. Our farmer Javier uses his own emulsion of peppermint oil, raw garlic and chili peppers to treat certain veggies and certain trees on the farm also. We like to support local farmers like ourselves, and use only farmer’s market produce and fruits that are pesticide free when we are in need of something. We do use pineapple, that cannot be found locally, so we do have to store buy the pineapple, but we offer such a large menu that there are plenty of options for everyone! Could you provide me with more information of the benefits to joining Eat SLO? It sounds like we completely fit the bill but more information is always best! Thank you for your interest and we would love it if you navigated through the website and saw the farm and read all about how we do what we do! Thank You!

      • rootamental Says:

        Good evening Julia,
        Thank you for the response. I just spoke to Javier the other day at lunch. He told me about what you all are up to. I have met you at SLO farmers market as well. I looked around your website and saw the content of your farm. Looking good!

        Eat SLO is a labor of love. We started it because we wanted to eat as heathy as possible, to know where our food comes from, and to know that our money supports efforts towards a better future. Basically, We started EatSLO out of the desire to eat Sustainably, Locally grown, Organic food and to support this type of food system.

        We hope to connect SLO conscientious people with their Farmers(Growers), Providers, Suppliers, and Preparers. EatSLO is for people wanting to know where their food and farm products come from.

        Eat SLO is about long term Sustainable, Local, Organic community exchange. Eat SLO supports and connects those who represent SLO (Sustainable * Local * Organic):

        Growers = farmers, gardeners, bee keepers etc.
        Suppliers = trucking distributors, CSAs etc.
        Providers = farmers markets, food co-ops etc.
        Preparers = restaurants, cafes, burrito wagons etc.
        Consumers = health conscious people who care about what they put into their body.

        We have yet to monetize Eat SLO, for now we do it for our health. Ultimately, everyone will Eat SLO to be healthier too. It doesn’t cost anything to join EatSLO.net We hope to help the network by providing quality marketing, building awareness, and increasing exposure.

        I do also offer Design/Graphic Communication services and Bookkeeping services if they are needed.



  5. Christina Osorio Says:

    Hi Julia
    Do you ship your juices? I tried some of your juices when visiting in Cambria

  6. Deb Burgo Says:

    Hi Julia, your booth at the Arroyo Grande High School Health Fair was such a success last year, we would love you to come back again this year. The students have put in many requests for you this year! The Health Fair s October 2nd. We would love to have you! Please let me know! Many thanks, Deb Burgo

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